When Time Stands Still…

What?  When does time ever stand still?  OK so maybe it’s not time that’s standing still but instead it’s me.  Stillness is a good thing, but standing still, as in, not living my life in the most meaningful possible way, is another.  While some people seem to be hustling and making massive progress in the new year, it’s interesting to perceive your own progress as somewhat stifled, or as if it is not yet having as powerful an impact as you had hoped.  As I come to terms with the inevitable reality that sometimes, life just seems to stand still, even while doing 100 things at once, I acknowledge that there is a delay between cause and effect.

Keep on keeping on, even when it feels like it doesn’t seem to matter, eventually…  VOILA – it does matter!

If you even slightly know what I’m talking about, just keep going.  You will soon see the extraordinary results of your endeavors.  As you begin to see it all come together, trust that you will know that everything you did, made a difference.  Get up and keep going!  It’s working even if you think it’s not!

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