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Marketing is NUTS! How in the world can you get someone’s attention today? I said, “HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET SOMEONE’S ATTENTION TODAY?” Let alone keep it long enough to communicate the value of your products or services. Are you kidding? Keep someone’s attention with Marketing and Advertising today? WTF! Why the Face? Let’s Spatchat about it shall we? Or wait, is that Snapchat? Maybe it should be called Splatchat and you just throw a little of everything out there and see what sticks. Better yet, how about SLAPchat. I think someone needs to slap me, with all this chaos. Wait, don’t slap me with the chaos. Aaaaaaaah. You know what I mean.

Let’s be realistic, every marketer is trying to figure out how to get their campaign to go Viral. Do you need a Kardashian? What about a shocking photo? Bold colors? It’s still questionable if any of that will even work.

Then what does work? Have you ever considered the gift of your own self-study? Ever notice what gets and keeps your attention? Too afraid to be honest? Do you enjoy this line of questioning? Seriously, what gets your juices flowing? Think about it. If you’re attempting to be a marketer, why not for just one moment, throw out what everyone is telling you and become your own test subject. Take a few minutes on Facebook and see how many ads catch your eye. Stop by some popular search engines and see if anything makes you stop and look twice. You know most of what you’re seeing is served up to you based on your behaviors, indicating what attracted your attention in the past – even if you didn’t like what you saw. Guess what, it got your attention. You’re not alone.

I have to literally and intentionally search for inspirational speakers on YAHOO, just so they stop serving me the devastating new stories that make me cry. All because I clicked on one breaking news story. Sheesh.

I was looking through ads to see what got my attention. And Bam! The first ad that drew my attention was one with NO WORDS! Yes, that’s right, not one that was packed full of great information, but one that literally had NO information. “What’s that say about me,” I had to wonder. Then another. And another. I quickly realized I was LOOKING FOR those ads that had NO WORDS. I would also stop on those which were strange and abnormal. Anything my mind couldn’t quite compute made me look twice. Or if it was missing something or had a typo for example. C’mon, am I alone here? I may be strange, but I suspect I’m not alone, when it comes to what gets attention. Next in my line of attention getters, was FUNNY, shocking and personal.

What gets your attention?

Look at your buying decisions. What marketing and advertising, packaging, posts, colors and words make you look twice? Take a look at the real pros in the marketing field and see what they are doing. Ever think they might just be bold enough to do it? That’s right, great marketers have to have balls of steel when it comes to pitching ideas to their clients. Because if they don’t – their marketing won’t work. I’m not saying all people can handle what it takes to get attention, but I am suggesting that it takes getting attention – to – well, get attention. So those who are fearless will be front runners in any industry.

I have a saying, “Art has one purpose, that is to leave you changed.” My new rendition replaces the word “art” with the word “marketing.” Believe me, marketing is an art.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, cute and sweet have a place if combined with clever. Many businesses still need to operate in a politically correct or nurturing and kind manner. Many businesses also market to conservative individuals who don’t want to be exposed to things that offend them. That said, there’s a place for all of it. But GETTING ATTENTION, remains top of mind with any marketing campaign. Keeping that attention, is next in line.

Next time you are navigating the deep waters of overwhelm in this fast paced, new technologically driven society, consider the basics. What if you were yourself? What would work on you?

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Julieanne O’Connor is a published Author, Actor & Social Media Strategist and will be live and in person at INBOUND 2016, Thursday, Nov 10th, 10:30a.m.-11:15a.m.

November 10th

How Social Media Made Me A Star Of A #1 Super Bowl Commercial, Got Me Published And Helped Me Find My True Calling!

Social Media is more than a time suck of posts and narcissistic obsessions. It’s a spoke in the wheel of strategy. If kept in perspective with a larger branding vision, Social Media can be one of your most key secret slams in taking out competitors, Saving you Time & Money, and Fast Tracking you to the top.

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