Welcome to the launch of our new show, The Tiff and Jules Show…

I am thrilled and excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Tiff and Jules Show with my dear friend Tiffany Phillips, and our incredible producer Chay Alexander Wright.

EPISODE 1 – Enjoy…

2 Ladies living in Los Angeles, California, with 1 wise producer chiming in as a bonus. Sharing real world challenges on the life of actors, dating, marriage, business and more.  Always candid and off the cuff.

Tiff is an award winning Actress/Comedian, Writer/Producer and more. Jules is an award winning Actor, Author, TEDx Speaker, and more. Chay is an incredibly talented LA based music producer, musician and author. Tune-in for some fun, truth, insights and inspiration.

Candid uncensored discussions about all things Los Angeles, Hollywood, California, Acting, Entertainment, Music, Dating, Relationships, Marriage and the raw truth about LIFE in LA. Comedy and some tears all mixed into one show with no pre-scripted material.

To write into the show – contact Julieanne O’Connor, Tiffany Phillips or Producer Chay at TheTiffandJulesShow@gmail.com

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