The Tiff and Jules Show – Episode 7, Candor, Kissing Cousins & the Creole Swag

Straight Talk, Bluntness and Getting Unfriended… Get it all in this episode of The Tiff and Jules Show!

The Tiff and Jules Show with Producer Chay brings it to you yet again, with another episode of craziness, fun and candor.  Join us for a show about the chicken wing dance, family reunions, Vanessa and the Creole Swag.  Be it our candid banter about dance moves, childhood dramas, or coffee pop-offs, there’s no bashfulness in this show.  Tune-in for a little fun, a bit of seriousness, some straight up talk about kissing cousins.  No wonder we are ready to start the “Unfriended” community after our continued unsolicited advice.

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