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Alive and Counting | Julianne Younghans O’Connor | TEDxYakimaSalon

Julieanne O’Connor at INBOUND 2016 in Boston…  Also catch videos of this year’s INBOUND guests, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Silverman, Serena Williams, Michael Strahan, Anna Kendrick, Gary Vaynerchuck, Leslie Odom Jr., Ta-Nehisi Coates, Reshma Saujani, Angela Duckworth and more!

DENTISTRY – Keynote Speaker/Trainer/Guest Speaker for Dental Events, Workshops, Study Clubs, Trade Shows and more.


Julieanne O’Connor, CEO, Founder SIO Dream Fund, Actor, Author, Speaker, Mother, Wife, Warrior

Certified Corporate Speaker, Member of National Speakers Association, Member of WOW, SAG-AFTRA, SIO Certified Mentor/Coach

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Dedicated to “Putting ‘RELATE’ back into RELATIONSHIPS!” 


TED TALK, Alive and Counting, (Speaker):  2017

Dental Implants Event, Southwest Oral Surgery (Speaker):  2017

Truman Event – Las Vegas, NV (Keynote Speaker):  2017

Ocean Oral Surgery – Lompoc (Speaker):  2017

Ocean Oral Surgery – Santa Barbara (Speaker):  2017

INBOUND16 Boston (Spotlight Speaker):  2016

Lotus Dental Conference – Utah, (Speaker):  2014, 2015, 2016

Redondo Oral Surgery (Speaker):  2015

The Marriage Movement with Holly Robinson Peete (Speaker):  2015

Southwest Oral Surgery (Speaker):  2015

Phenomenal Women (Black Hollywood Live) (Guest): 2014

Life by Design 90-Day Intensive (Trainer & Speaker): 2014

Get Social Symposium (Speaker):  2014

The Great Love Debate (Panelist): 2015

Law of Attraction Group (Speaker): 2014

Santa Barbara City College (Speaker): 2014

Ultimate Women’s Expo – Houston Reliant (Speaker): 2014

Ultimate Women’s Expo – Phoenix Convention Center (Speaker):  2014

VOLUNTEER WORK:  Speaker for the Job Corp, Los Olivos, Lompoc, Solvang, etc.


“Julieanne O’Connor is perhaps one of the most dynamic presenters I have ever met. Her contagious smile instantly engages any audience she addresses. One of her strongest assets is her personal and professional knowledge about her subject matter. She draws not only upon proper research references to support her statements, but she also draws from her own personal experiences, which have been vast and valuable. What were her strong points as a presenter? Enthusiasm–Excitement–Empowerment. Very few speakers possess her ability to capture a crowd’s attention, keep it and the play with it! She does all three in a powerful manner. Ms. O’Connor “plays with her audience” in a transparent, loving and connected manner. She could be “dropped anywhere, anytime, anyplace” in front of “any audience” and she’d hit it out of the park. My expectations were exceeded. Her collateral materials not only properly represented what she shared, but they put us all in a mindset of positive expectation.”

–Jeffrey A. Forrest – PHD, Author, Speaker and Safe Money for Life Coach, Avila Beach, CA

“My job is to recruit speakers for presentations for high school classrooms.  Julieanne O’Connor is the best on my list.  I was able to be present when she spoke to a group of 17-year-olds – a cynical age – and she had them eating out of her hand in no time.  She made them laugh, think, ask and answer questions; after the talk was over she happily continued answering questions from students one-on-one.  Everyone left filled with a renewed passion and confidence that nothing was impossible and they actually could live their dream.  Even I, at the advanced age of 59, had an extra bounce in my step when I left the room.”

–Dana Jeanne Norris – AmericCorps, A partnership between the SB County Education Office & United Boys & Girls Club

“Julieanne O’Connor is truly a gift.  She delivers an uplifting and powerful message.  She is engaged with the audience, entertaining and informative.  She is high energy and has made the topic of Social Media easy to follow.  Leaving her lectures, I have felt energized and had more clarity about what was working with the Dental Specialty companies I represent.”

–Jodi Lynn Bond, Bond Dental Marketing

“As a speaker, Julieanne O’Connor makes friends with the entire audience.  Her smile and infectious personality has everyone smiling, laughing and at times tearful.  She has an awesome story and you want to hear the next part.  Her interaction wit her audience is brilliant.  She closes well and is a true professional…  I can 100% recommend her as a delight and treat for any occasion.”

–Steve Sperry, Voted Best Dental Coach

“We had the honor of having Julieanne O’Connor speak for our office twice this year for events that we hosted with Dentists and their office managers.  Julieanne did a great job connecting with the audiences and they enjoyed her presentations about social media and learned lots from her.  We would love to have Julieanne as a speaker again for our future events.

–Adriana Oseguera, Southwest Oral Surgery, Glendale, AZ

“Julieanne O’Connor is not just informative, but comical. Everything she touches on is helpful and easy to understand.”

–Linnea Saltz, Henderson, NV

“Thoroughly enjoyed Julieanne O’Connor’s presentation.  Very informative and pleased with the update on Social Media.”

–Gary Goaslind, Periodontics Limited

“Julieanne is awesome!  She is very knowledgeable, funny, informative and interesting.  She uses several different techniques to inform the audience.  I learned so much from Julieanne.”

–Sherrie Maclean, Seven Hills Dental Center

“Julieanne is engaging, positive, and articulate.  Her stories and anecdotes have a clear purpose, and her demeanor is caring and professional.”

–Lindsay Denton, Centennial Hills Dental Care

“Great stage presence and delivery.  Very positive and enthusiastic with her presentation.”

–Greg Bowman, Gregory A. Bowman, DDS.

“Good Enthusiasm.  Good Knowledge.  Offering a significant service.”

–Scott Brown, Comfort Care Dental

“Great presentation on Social Media and Marketing!  The information was well presented and I enjoyed it.  Thank you!”

–James Dodge, Las Vegas Esthetics Dental Lab

“Julieanne is very entertaining and full of great information.”

–Yin Garcia, Las Vegas Esthetics

“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to learn more in the future.”

–Matthew Weaves, Weaver Dental, Henderson, NV

“Enjoyed Julieanne sharing her knowledge with our group.  Kept my attention the whole time.”  –Caroline A. Bobbett, Las Vegas

“A very good explanation for those of us who are clueless about Social Media.  I had minimal understanding of it all until Julieanne’s talk.”

–William Brizzee, Las Vegas

“Ms. O’Connor is extremely knowledgeable about social media.  I think she is current on what is happening today.  She provides information that fills the social media ‘void’ that many of us have in this area.”

–John Griffiths, John C. Griffiths, DDS, MDS

“Julieanne O’Connor shared great humor and stories. The facts presented were in an entertaining manor so I will remember them.”

–Karen Key, Dr. Barin, Las Vegas, NV

“I loved the way Julieanne used her life to get her message across.”

–Bernita Weaver, DRD Dental

“Julieanne was a wonderful speaker.”

–Jordyn Love, DRD Dental

“Julieanne O’Connor is funny, very down to earth, and well-informed in the social media world. She knows her stuff! The fact that she has also written a book dealing with relationships ties all of this together and puts things into perspective, while giving you something to ponder about how you interact with others. I was impressed and appreciative for having been in her presence.”

–Felicia Wheeler, Dr. Trylovich, Gifford, Mantor, Goaslind

“Julieanne O’Connor was interesting and easy to listen to. She has an interesting story about her life experiences. Her message is a good one.”

–JoDe Foe, Las Vegas, NV

“I was dreading attending a two hour lecture but now I am so glad I came. Julieanne O’Connor was very relatable and funny.”

–Kate, Centennial Hills Dental Care

“Julieanne was very funny and professional. Would definitely recommend everyone to listen to her as a speaker.”

–Michele Tracey, Centennial Hills Dental Care

“Julieanne O’Connor was very genuine, likeable and entertaining. I’m impressed at her drive to be kind! May she infect every body with the same notion!”

–Janelle Gesinger, Michele S. Tratos, DDS

“Wasn’t sure what to expect. Appreciated the potentially life changing questions posed and insights Julieanne shared. Appreciated incorporation of a variety of media, videos and personal experiences.”

–A, Wanlass Dental

“This is my second time meeting Julieanne. She is a wonderful energetic speaker. Julieanne is very good at getting her message across in an entertaining and clear way.

Taylor Emrick, Periodontics, Ltd.

“Julieanne is a very sweet and sincere person. The pearl that I got from her speak was about human beings, how to treat them and that everybody has something going on in their lives every day. But you should always be nice.”

–Cathy Rohm, Dr. Trylovich and Dr. Gifford