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Julieanne O’Connor, Award-Winning Author, Actor & Strategist Speaks up about Living a Life Fulfilled in her new TEDxYakima Talk “ALIVE AND COUNTING”

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KTVN NEWS Coverage – Julieanne O’Connor (aka Julieanne Young), Award-Winning Author, Actor, & Social Media Strategist to Speak at INBOUND 2016 in Boston, Thursday, November 10th


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CBS8 News – Julieanne O’Connor (aka Julieanne Young) to SPEAK in Nov.


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“… [an] inspirational guidebook aimed at getting individuals to think deeply about careers, why precisely they may want to pursue certain types of work, and why anyone can secure a career that earns them a living while at the same time living life the way it is meant to be lived.” -Keith Jajko, Ventura County Star (click here to read complete article and review.

“Reading this book helped me to renew my passions and has given me the motivation I needed at a time when I was at a career crossroads. Such an easy read, I breezed through it and could not put it down!” -Fanci Sue, program director with World Institute of Sustainability and Education



“Excellent Book! The author has a tremendous understanding of how men and women think. This book should be required reading for young singles because of the insights it gives, which they might otherwise receive later in life, or not at all. The author also has a lively writing style and a sense of humor which makes the book not only informational but enjoyable.” -Robert T Johnson, Attorney, Napoleon Hill Foundation

“I would like to thank Julieanne for this book. I enjoyed the candid and truthful insights which came from various people, ages, and stages of relationships. They spoke to me because I’ve experienced many of the things stated in these pages. Funny and to the point, this book praises the beautiful women we are and reminds us to revel in our beauty, sexuality, confidence, and intuition. This book isn’t about ‘catching’ a man, rather releasing a man to be who he is and free to choose what he wants. My favorite quote: “Be willing to walk away before you arrive” – a powerful approach to relationships. Faith in our own self worth and as independent beings, deserving of exquisite love. Quite simply, “Spelling It Out For Your Man” is about understanding, learning and finessing the manner in which to express our needs as women so that we and our mates can enjoy relationships fully.” -Carla Moreno, The Huffington Post

Tiffany Phillips

“Julieanne has been my own personal ‘Dear Abby/Love Guru’ for well over 10 years. She seems to have gotten inside the mind of men and mastered it. I’m not kidding. She may be all woman but I swear, she’s got some male DNA going on too! Whenever I was confused about a guy, she would make it clear. Whenever I was sad, she would show me the light at the end of the tunnel and just when I thought “I’ll never love anybody like I loved him..” she assured me I would. And I did. Over and over again. And the crazy thing is, she was always right! I used to tell her constantly, “You should write a book or have your own love column.” I couldn’t put a price tag on all of the love and relationship advice she’s given me over the years but I feel very fortunate to have received her incredible wisdom for free. This BOOK is a MUST for any woman who wants to know what her man is thinking or feeling, how to react in any given situation, how to stay true to yourself always and be a whole person with or without him. Because at the end of the day, if you’re not happy with yourself, how can you be happy with someone else? Let this book be your ‘Dating/Relationship Bible.’ Read it a few times. Refer back to it when needed. Just like the author Julieanne, this book is a treasure!” -Tiffany Phillips, Comedian, Actress, Singer, Entertainer (As seen on Scandale, Super Girl, Teen Wolf and more!)

Robbie Gilmartin

“Spelling It Out for Your Man helped me to recognize and reflect upon some of the negative cycles and behaviors that I have fallen into in my relationship and the book offered solutions and philosophies that changed my pattern of thinking and has helped me to improve my romance.”

-Robbie Gilmartin, Teacher, Coach and Author of Enhancing Self-Esteem Through Guided Imagery


‘Spelling It Out For Your Career’: Fillmore resident looks at challenges, solutions with work and life —  READ ARTICLE HERE

‘Spelling It Out For Your Career’: An Insider’s Look at Modern Frustrations, Challenges and Solutions with Work and Life – Author, executive and actor Julieanne O’Connor revisits the “Spelling It Out” series, tapping lifetime experiences to provide secrets to living your dreams and passions  — READ ARTICLE HERE

“Julieanne O’Connor uses heart, humor and life experience to help us navigate the, often times, choppy waters of relationships. Like having a conversation with your best friend, she answers all of the questions you’ve ever asked (or were too embarrassed to ask) about being satisfied and happy in love. Woman or man, young or old, in love or ready to be, you will find something to relate to in Spelling It Out for Your Man.”  –Kym, Former owner of Central Coast News Group.

Every man and woman should read this book! What an amazing book! Every man and woman should read it! Julieanne O’Connor has done a fantastic job of laying it out everything from love basics, dating, marriage, when to throw in the towel, and everything in between. Highly recommend this book! 5 Stars!  –Jonathan, Attorney

“Julieanne has a knack for digging out the raw truth and she has no problem making you cry as long as you face your truth.  She has turned both men and women around in their relationships.  Spelling It Out for Your Man will keep you running back for her brilliant insights.”  –Mark O, Devoted Husband, Father and Former Marine

“This book is the GPS for a Man lost in a sea of relationships. Julieanne is my Oracle for Women…  I experienced her genius first hand when she literally took my cell phone and started texting things I would never say to this girl I was seeing.  I couldn’t believe the results that were obviously positive.  I was instantly empowered and in awe.”  –Kevin Laird, Analyst, Dad, Jiggalo  🙂

“Oh boy did Spelling It Out for Your Man ever teach me about giving a man SPACE and the impact it can have on an attraction.  It is packed full of truth.  As a woman, I think I might actually hate that word, “space”.  LOL!  In all seriousness, the book is right on the point.  In fact, so much so I am hiding it from the man I want back.  He will definitely get ideas from it that I’m not ready to share.”   –Signed a Woman still in Love with a Man Lost

“In life, what matters most are relationships.  With your God, with your spouse, with your loved ones, friends, co-workers and most importantly, yourself.  I have been both blessed and blissed to have been touched by Ms. O’Connor’s infectious enthusiasm for life.  Regardless of who she meets, they immediately fall in love with her!  Why is that?  She has mastered the art of creating immediate trusting mutually beneficial relationships.  In her book, Spelling It Out for Your Man, she holds back no punches.  She tells us straight, as men, how to best treat and understand our ladies.  She tells our ladies, how to best guide us men, not to be such jerks at times!  This is a MUST READ for anyone who wants more joy, more abundance and more energy in their relationships.”  – -Jeffrey A. Forrest – Author, Speaker and Safe Money for Life Coach, The Core Financial Group

5.0 out of 5 stars Right on, February 14, 2014

By leatta perdue

Julienne has it down pat. It’s a modern take on old school feminism folks, time to get back to the basics with a twist of reality.


5.0 out of 5 stars Twice Read, January 10, 2014

By Robbie Shipman

I have to admit that several of these stories reflect on me directly. I had to read this book a few times as I related to the stories. Funny and inviting book…. Easy to read and understand and I look forward to the next book by this author.


5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!!, December 8, 2013

By Swanson

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This spells it out for both him and her. Follow the books advise, knowledge, insight, and humor for a better relationship and greater self awareness. This book will help create the confidence needed for social success.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Book For Both Sexes: Modern, Edgy, Humorous, Real, February 2, 2014

By JZ Bingham

Imagine your best girlfriend spending two uninterrupted hours with you to impart words of down-to-earth wisdom she garnered over fifteen years of candid conversations with men. While you may hear tidbits of what you already know are the basic fundamentals of solid relationship-building, hearing grounded examples with relatable cause-and-effect will likely hit you right between the eyes. Most of us want to improve our intimate relationships. However, not all of us have that girlfriend. Well, now we may all learn from our new best friend, Julieanne O’Connor, in Spelling It Out For Your Man.

I recently met Ms. O’Connor at an author event where her new book was featured. Although I can’t remember the last time I read a self-help book, her easy wisdom shone through in just a few minutes of conversation; this wisdom, blissfully lacking any resemblance to preaching, compelled me to purchase her book. It was a quick read that hit home in many ways, revealing several shortfalls in my own communication skills with my partner. Although I, like many, sense what I may be doing wrong, it sometimes requires a direct line of reasoning from a neutral source for me to see my shortcomings and embark on a very private look-in-the-mirror moment to correct them.

Eleven short chapters, each with a summary of important insights to wrap them up at the end for future reference, touched on the aspects of our personalities that need to be solidified in order to succeed in loving unions. These basics form a knowledge-base in which we may better find our role as a partner and then strengthen it for long-lasting results.

For example, our own self-worth and principles need never be compromised in order to also show respect for our partner’s point of view. The partner who is worthy of us would never be attracted to another who is obsequious and guilt-ridden. Be strong and confident as an individual and let the relationship build around who you really are. So often we do the opposite, believing we should fit a mold we perceive the other is seeking. This misperception inevitably attracts the wrong partner and is, ultimately, self-defeating on many levels.

Many women will relate to the self-guilt our gender burdens itself with. Ms. O’Connor flatly admits this is part of our inherent make-up, just as men invariably strive to be a woman’s hero and savior. While some feminists may not want to hear this, let’s remember some feminists merely hold a grudge against men. The raw truth about men and women is our genetics do in fact cause us to have these feelings, deep down, whether we like them or not. Why not embrace them and get on with learning how to deal with them?

Women: Let go of your guilt and apologizing. If you’re lines have been crossed, or you’re having a bad day, understand that it’s not necessary to be superhuman and gloss over your feelings. Lines are meant to be drawn, for both men and women. Both sexes should uphold their principles on every level. It’s not difficult to find strength in conviction and remain respectful and feminine at the same time. It’s sexy and it makes you happy. This is what men find attractive. It doesn’t hurt that it also stokes their egos, for good men want to make their women happy. We can help them do that by remembering it’s okay to not apologize, hold our ground, be respectful and remember to smile.

Men: This book is for both sexes. Ms. O’Connor outlines many candid traits men have shared with her over the years. You’ll find yourself nodding and agreeing but you’ll also find yourself understanding how your actions, or inactions, are perceived by women. This is invaluable information.

What I love about this book is it never cuts down either gender. With a modern edge of candidness and humor, obstacles between men and women are exposed for what they really are: the definition of being human. Humans emote, desire, strive and fantasize. Men and women just do each a bit differently. Understanding both sides is the heart of a successful love life.


5.0 out of 5 stars A gold mine of info.


Tess Burningham

I can’t count how many times this book had me rolling around laughing and wanting to cry at the same time. I wish I read this when I was 18. It would have stopped me from making a LOT of stupid mistakes.

Oh, and the part about listening was spot on. “Honey, did you hear me? Honey?” Sound familiar to anyone? I guess marriage really does need a self-help book!


J.Z. Colby rated it 5 of 5 stars

This little book is just FULL of wisdom about finding and keeping happiness in relationships, and in life itself. Some of it is a bit radical, along the lines of “things you don’t want to hear,” but you know in your heart you NEED to hear because they just might work, or lead you to think of something that will. And in addition to the author finding my NEBADOR stories and quoting the key theme of the entire series, I found in her book a gem of universe wisdom, among many other gems:
“Relationshi…more This little book is just FULL of wisdom about finding and keeping happiness in relationships, and in life itself. Some of it is a bit radical, along the lines of “things you don’t want to hear,” but you know in your heart you NEED to hear because they just might work, or lead you to think of something that will. And in addition to the author finding my NEBADOR stories and quoting the key theme of the entire series, I found in her book a gem of universe wisdom, among many other gems:  “Relationships are set up to be imperfect. They are designed by the master creator of relationships to be flawed, to be forever inadequate, and to be a work of art.”


4 Tips to Finding & Keeping Great Love
by Julieanne O’connor published in Wellness Woman Magazine.

Wellness Woman April 2016

Robbie Shipman‘s review

5 of 5 stars

Good quick read. Many stories to learn from and relate to… I look forward to her next fun read.



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