Perspective Goggles

Sometimes what we think we view as one particular WHATEVER, (as seen through the goggles of life with which we hope to protect ourselves through) – is actually skewed in such a way that we hold it as a powerful truth, so much so that we completely alter our own lives for the worse — but in fact it’s actually a lie.  Put more simply, what you think you see, may not always be true.  In fact, all your views are determined by the mindset you have at the time that you choose to judge or perceive anything.  How badly do you feel compelled to hold on to something?

Next time you want to make up  your mind as to how bad or good things are in your life, stop and find an unrelated human circumstance to compare your own to, and see if there is any altering of your perspective. Or try on someone else’s goggles for kicks.


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