Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Jose, Massive Fires, North Korea, Politics and a Solar Flare

What next?  So if Hurricane Irma, Harvey, Jose, Massive Fires, threats from North Korea, Politics and a Solar Flare weren’t enough, what else is inspiring the moody tensions of our nation?  What do you do when uncertainty is center and forefront?  Ignore the news?  Stockpile some cash or supplies?  Help out?

Me, I decided to pour myself a tasty glass of wine well before happy hour today.  That said, there’s still life to be lived.  Not only do we need to keep our heads up, but we need to inspire some good old fashioned kindness, loving support and positive vibes.  So today I will do what needs to be done, while sipping on a glass of wine.  I’ll move forward with some simple steps towards being better prepared for a good old fashioned earthquake, and I’ll make a plan to pitch in and help out joining with others who are fundraising to help the Hurricane survivors including the animals.

Right now, I send out love, peace and healing thoughts to my community and the world.  Please join me in a quick moment outside your usual hustle to send some real positive vibes out.

Thank you!  I love you.

Julieanne O’Connor

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