The Tiff and Jules Show – Episode 6, Sweat Lodges, Ayahuasca, Bullying and more…

Join us for Episode 6 of The Tiff and Jules Show where Tiff opens up about being bullied, Julieanne brings up emotional release and Chay chimes in about The Drum Journey.  But that’s not all!  There’s more.  Tune-in for our ride through a sweat lodge, hallucinogenic drugs or Ayahuasca (iowaska), claustrophobia and prison.  There’s no lack of entertainment in this episode of The Tiff and Jules Show.  Join us!    

The Tiff and Jules Show – Making people laugh, cry & cringe…


Tiff and Jules are back at it again with another candid show about life in LA. From Texting to SEXting to Voxer and more, Tiffany and Julieanne have some fun with producer Chay talking about life in the Big City. Join us on our adventure of life as we share the good the bad and the personal

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Oh Yah – We are at it again with another Episode of The Tiff & Jules show – all about Hollywood – LA Life!

Check check it out with our third episode of The Tiff and Jules show under our belt, the feedback is amazing.  We appreciate you all for tuning in and hope to bring you tons more hysterical content.  This show might be a bit more on the serious side, but I guess it’s all in how you look at it.  Tune-in and enjoy!…

In this week’s episode; Tiff & Jules talk about the seriousness of creating your life, looking for the good in every situation and what’s really going on with our dating and relationships in 2017. Do women set their men up for failure with their probing questions? Tune-in to find out!

Tiff and Jules are at it again. Candid, Funny, LA Life, Authentic Hollywood Life.

“Hold up, I have no idea what we are going to talk about today!” – But excited none-the-less as we dive into another candid episode of The Tiff and Jules Show where we have no clue what’s about to come out of our mouths.  Tune-in and join us on a journey through the pits of LA Life, the craziness of Hollywood and the ongoing stories about dating and married life in The Big City of Los Angeles.

Welcome to the launch of our new show, The Tiff and Jules Show…

I am thrilled and excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Tiff and Jules Show with my dear friend Tiffany Phillips, and our incredible producer Chay Alexander Wright.

EPISODE 1 – Enjoy…

2 Ladies living in Los Angeles, California, with 1 wise producer chiming in as a bonus. Sharing real world challenges on the life of actors, dating, marriage, business and more.  Always candid and off the cuff.

Tiff is an award winning Actress/Comedian, Writer/Producer and more. Jules is an award winning Actor, Author, TEDx Speaker, and more. Chay is an incredibly talented LA based music producer, musician and author. Tune-in for some fun, truth, insights and inspiration.

Candid uncensored discussions about all things Los Angeles, Hollywood, California, Acting, Entertainment, Music, Dating, Relationships, Marriage and the raw truth about LIFE in LA. Comedy and some tears all mixed into one show with no pre-scripted material.

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What am I going to do with my life?

Do you ever sit around both completely in gratitude and simultaneously in despair?  You know you are worthy, you know you are worth it and yet you’re just too dang tired to get up and do anything you need to do?  Well, welcome to the world of the living.  Let me tell you, when I say I can relate, it’s no joke, I can really relate!  There are just some days when I know I have at least 100 things that need to get done, yet I just need a nap.  I know I can move mountains but I’d rather drink tea.  You know what I mean.

Today is one of those days.  On top of it, I caught a cold.  Seriously!  Who has time for a cold?  Not I.  Well for those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about, raise a cup of tea and let’s have a toast or a piece of toast, whichever you prefer, in honor of days like today.  Let’s see if we can get more done tomorrow and connect a little more deeply with the ones we love while we’re at it.


When Time Stands Still…

What?  When does time ever stand still?  OK so maybe it’s not time that’s standing still but instead it’s me.  Stillness is a good thing, but standing still, as in, not living my life in the most meaningful possible way, is another.  While some people seem to be hustling and making massive progress in the new year, it’s interesting to perceive your own progress as somewhat stifled, or as if it is not yet having as powerful an impact as you had hoped.  As I come to terms with the inevitable reality that sometimes, life just seems to stand still, even while doing 100 things at once, I acknowledge that there is a delay between cause and effect.

Keep on keeping on, even when it feels like it doesn’t seem to matter, eventually…  VOILA – it does matter!

If you even slightly know what I’m talking about, just keep going.  You will soon see the extraordinary results of your endeavors.  As you begin to see it all come together, trust that you will know that everything you did, made a difference.  Get up and keep going!  It’s working even if you think it’s not!


For Anyone Trying to Market their Products and Services

Marketing is NUTS! How in the world can you get someone’s attention today? I said, “HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET SOMEONE’S ATTENTION TODAY?” Let alone keep it long enough to communicate the value of your products or services. Are you kidding? Keep someone’s attention with Marketing and Advertising today? WTF! Why the Face? Let’s Spatchat about it shall we? Or wait, is that Snapchat? Maybe it should be called Splatchat and you just throw a little of everything out there and see what sticks. Better yet, how about SLAPchat. I think someone needs to slap me, with all this chaos. Wait, don’t slap me with the chaos. Aaaaaaaah. You know what I mean.

Let’s be realistic, every marketer is trying to figure out how to get their campaign to go Viral. Do you need a Kardashian? What about a shocking photo? Bold colors? It’s still questionable if any of that will even work.

Then what does work? Have you ever considered the gift of your own self-study? Ever notice what gets and keeps your attention? Too afraid to be honest? Do you enjoy this line of questioning? Seriously, what gets your juices flowing? Think about it. If you’re attempting to be a marketer, why not for just one moment, throw out what everyone is telling you and become your own test subject. Take a few minutes on Facebook and see how many ads catch your eye. Stop by some popular search engines and see if anything makes you stop and look twice. You know most of what you’re seeing is served up to you based on your behaviors, indicating what attracted your attention in the past – even if you didn’t like what you saw. Guess what, it got your attention. You’re not alone.

I have to literally and intentionally search for inspirational speakers on YAHOO, just so they stop serving me the devastating new stories that make me cry. All because I clicked on one breaking news story. Sheesh.

I was looking through ads to see what got my attention. And Bam! The first ad that drew my attention was one with NO WORDS! Yes, that’s right, not one that was packed full of great information, but one that literally had NO information. “What’s that say about me,” I had to wonder. Then another. And another. I quickly realized I was LOOKING FOR those ads that had NO WORDS. I would also stop on those which were strange and abnormal. Anything my mind couldn’t quite compute made me look twice. Or if it was missing something or had a typo for example. C’mon, am I alone here? I may be strange, but I suspect I’m not alone, when it comes to what gets attention. Next in my line of attention getters, was FUNNY, shocking and personal.

What gets your attention?

Look at your buying decisions. What marketing and advertising, packaging, posts, colors and words make you look twice? Take a look at the real pros in the marketing field and see what they are doing. Ever think they might just be bold enough to do it? That’s right, great marketers have to have balls of steel when it comes to pitching ideas to their clients. Because if they don’t – their marketing won’t work. I’m not saying all people can handle what it takes to get attention, but I am suggesting that it takes getting attention – to – well, get attention. So those who are fearless will be front runners in any industry.

I have a saying, “Art has one purpose, that is to leave you changed.” My new rendition replaces the word “art” with the word “marketing.” Believe me, marketing is an art.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, cute and sweet have a place if combined with clever. Many businesses still need to operate in a politically correct or nurturing and kind manner. Many businesses also market to conservative individuals who don’t want to be exposed to things that offend them. That said, there’s a place for all of it. But GETTING ATTENTION, remains top of mind with any marketing campaign. Keeping that attention, is next in line.

Next time you are navigating the deep waters of overwhelm in this fast paced, new technologically driven society, consider the basics. What if you were yourself? What would work on you?

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Julieanne O’Connor is a published Author, Actor & Social Media Strategist and will be live and in person at INBOUND 2016, Thursday, Nov 10th, 10:30a.m.-11:15a.m.

November 10th

How Social Media Made Me A Star Of A #1 Super Bowl Commercial, Got Me Published And Helped Me Find My True Calling!

Social Media is more than a time suck of posts and narcissistic obsessions. It’s a spoke in the wheel of strategy. If kept in perspective with a larger branding vision, Social Media can be one of your most key secret slams in taking out competitors, Saving you Time & Money, and Fast Tracking you to the top.

Perspective Goggles

Sometimes what we think we view as one particular WHATEVER, (as seen through the goggles of life with which we hope to protect ourselves through) – is actually skewed in such a way that we hold it as a powerful truth, so much so that we completely alter our own lives for the worse — but in fact it’s actually a lie.  Put more simply, what you think you see, may not always be true.  In fact, all your views are determined by the mindset you have at the time that you choose to judge or perceive anything.  How badly do you feel compelled to hold on to something?

Next time you want to make up  your mind as to how bad or good things are in your life, stop and find an unrelated human circumstance to compare your own to, and see if there is any altering of your perspective. Or try on someone else’s goggles for kicks.


Authentic Living – WTF!

Never more than now have I been more committed to living life fully as my most truthful and authentic self.  What happens really though when you begin to live life with total authenticity?

Here’s the brutal reality.  The moment you make up your mind (which by the way is just a choice), that you are going to be completely true to yourself, you will likely find it a bit of a shock to your relationships.  At first, it will feel great.  You’ll be elated.  Even on Cloud 9.  Because it feels so blissful to truly ground yourself in self-worth and acceptance.  But then something happens.  Suddenly someone you thought you admired is seemingly and even forthright offended by who you are, or what you say or do.  Suddenly your boss lets you know that they are questioning your integrity and commitment to the company you work with.  Suddenly your best friend, parent, sibling or partner goes off on you about how you are “too this” or “too that.”  Suddenly you find your circle of friends shrinking.

Congratulations!  You’ve conquered coming out of your shell and you have begun the process of living outside the societal boundaries that have constrained you up until now.  This makes people uncomfortable, jealous and unusually intolerant.  But believe me when I tell you, it’s a huge gift to see through the bull shit and still embrace your own journey without those people in it.

No great person ever became GREAT while pleasing everyone along the way.  In fact, the more incredible you become, the more others will envy and feel compelled to squash your joy and balls-out approach to life.  And that is perfectly OK.  It is not in any way shape or form personal.  In fact, it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you.  And on top of that, up until now, you were not serving humanity by living within the constraints of what is considered “the norm.”

Simultaneously, you are going to begin attracting some of the most incredible people you’ve ever met into your life.  They will be drawn to you and catapulted in your direction.  Suddenly, you’ll find mastery in the gift of authentic living just by having crossed off some of the people who can’t understand why you behave as you do.  And even more mastery as you replace them with people who are equally strange and gifted in living out loud.  Your boss will see that you genuinely are committed to being great in all that you do and that your work is a direct reflection of your inner being.  Or they will give you a push in the direction you need to go to share more of your gifts with the world.

Embrace your journey and who you are no matter what.  At any cost.  LIBERATE YOURSELF!  Regardless of the negativity you may at first witness.  Judgments don’t matter – at all!  Remember, your truth of living in your own power is a gift to the world.  But not everyone will be ready to receive you.  That’s soooooooooo OK!  Give your gifts and share your story with those who are looking for you right now. There are many who need you.  And let go of the rest.  The sooner you do, the sooner you are on your way to greatness.  No justification required.  Just be you!  You may not understand the impact right now, but one day, I guarantee you will save someone’s life – just by being you.  If you’re lucky, you’ll save many!

Nobody ever did anything great without being perceived by some else as outright crazy!  Let’s get crazy!

Julieanne O’Connor

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