Julieanne O’Connor, Author – Actor – Speaker – Strategist

My name is JulieAnne O’Connor, and I believe in Love! I believe in the continued evolution of opening your heart wider through everything that happens in life.

I am a graduate of Enlightened Warrior Training Camp and a connoisseur of tasting every experience, I am grateful with every cell in my body for everyone who touches my life.

Born and raised in a galaxy far, far away, I grew up playing with Ken instead of Barbie, and some things haven’t changed. JulieAnne


Julieanne’s Acting DEMO REEL


In addition to public speaking appearances, writing and running her own businesses, Julieanne is the star of a famous Doritos commercial that became an enormous viral success leading to a $1 million dollar prize for being ranked the #1 commercial spot of Super Bowl by the USA Today Ad Meter. Nielsen named it the Most Recalled Ad of Super Bowl and Ace Metrix called it the most effective ad of Super Bowl. The commercial further went on to be named one of the all-time best commercials of Super Bowl in both 2012 and again in 2013.

Julieanne has guest-starred on syndicated shows including Suddenly Susan and Days of Our Lives and has given speeches on everything from “Relationships and Business” to “Computer Products and The Power of Social Media” to “How to wake-up in the morning.”  Julieanne is a Certified Corporate Trainer.

Julieanne in Doritos Pug Attack

 Julieanne in Farmers Insurance Monster Foot


Additional Information

I love LOVE!  I was a seasoned dater prior to meeting my hot, masculine, sexy, kind, giving, overly popular husband, who I could not be with for a period of time after meeting.  One day a year after our meeting, the stars aligned.  However, leading up to that alignment, I implemented the fundamentals of Spelling It Out for Your Man to consciously cause the effect I got.  🙂  Some people thought and still think I’m lucky.  But I know the truth.  I simply had learned the skills of harnessing my own self-worth and paired that with the discipline of appealing to a man’s nature.

I started asking people the secret to a happy marriage well over 15 years ago. I’d ask new couples, young couples, old couples as old as into their late 90’s and also dating couples who had dated anywhere from a week or two on up to 20 years or more.  I’d met couples who were marrying the “love of their life” in their late 80’s that had just met in a retirement home and some couples who were divorcing after just marrying but they’d been together 25 years prior to that.  At some point due to the recurring themes I was hearing I changed the question from “What’s the secret to a happy marriage/relationship” to “Are you happy in your relationship?”  And continued on asking “the secret” only then to those who were in fact happy while inquiring further into why others were NOT happy. I then began also asking single men and women their experiences and why they were single.  Remarkably for 15 years the responses have been the same.  The recurring themes though different between the sexes, have NOT changed over all these years.  The same exact issues have been regurgitated by men and women from literally all walks of life internationally.  I’ve had intimate talks with multi-millionaires to homeless men and women, to  teachers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, actors, artists, directors, producers, writers, CEO’s, retired men and women, military, former military, celebrities from all fields and the list goes on.

The findings are what resulted in Spelling It Out for Your Man.  Originally, I thought I’d write a book about “The Secret to a Happy Marriage.”  But what I learned was something very different. 


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