Spelling It Out for Your Man
Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction
A BOOK For Men & Women
Once upon a time... In the fairy tales, people risked it all for love and couples lived happily ever after. Then something changed. People became comfortable, bored, even lazy and began misinterpreting the most basic forms of communication. Suddenly humans were lost and the most common happily ever after was post-break-up. Yet there was still HOPE!
Based on the consistently repeated mistakes of many, Spelling It Out For Your Man offers a non-judgmental view of the exploration of what’s really going on in the minds of men and women regarding sex and love, as well as what moves people to attract and stay attracted to one another.

A book for Men & Women!
Available NOW wherever books are sold!
To put "RELATE" back into RELATIONSHIPS!
Julieanne O’Connor’s intention is to inspire people to tap into their own sexuality, to release the need for the illusion of ownership, and to evoke the desire in everyone to open their hearts wider still. 
This book is dedicated to forcing away a life of monotony and repeated mistakes while awakening the hidden sensual side within to excite deeper intimacy in every relationship, new and old. 

Do you want your cake and to eat it too? Heck yah, so do I!
Are you in love, lust, heartbroken or bored? Well.. Who isn't?

Did you know that in Bali, for example, men believed a woman would immediately fall in love if her suitor fed her a certain kind of leaf incised with the image of a god who sported a very large penis?* Let's face it.. Love and sex are international obsessions!

Millions of people fall in love every day (men with women, women with men, women with women and men with men). Hearts are regularly crushed. Some people have hot and torrid affairs, and some simply live it up (leaving a trail of devastation in their paths). Some people squash their natural impulses in a state of guilt, many settle, and the majority secretly obsess about someone they love or can't have. Powerful untapped intimacy skills are lying dormant inside every human being.

The book Spelling It Out for Your Man is for both Men and Women.

Life is messy. Love is messier.
—Catch and Release


The differences between men and women are text book. Black and white. Crystal clear. Variations merely lie in the levels of femininity or masculinity that each of us possess. So why do so many people continue to make repeated mistakes that push others away time and time again? And why are so many people irrepressibly attracted to the seemingly worst possible partners? What makes someone attractive? And why is it that the most allegedly "perfect couples" break up?

Julieanne O'Connor Interview
Black Hollywood Live's Phenomenal Women


Curious how to please your partner or wish you could convince them to please YOU? Spelling It Out for Your Man is a "how-to" book in the most bold sense of the description.  With insights on simple but unnoticed mistakes that offenders frequently make, Spelling It Out for Your Man gives insider secrets with inspiring tactics on how to attract a desired partner, how to play the game of hooking someone and how to keep them happy and wanting more.  

Tap into your own sexuality, release the need for the illusion of ownership, and open your heart wider still.

"It's impossible" said pride.
"It's risky" said experience.
"It's pointless" said reason.
"Give it a try" said the heart.


*(Fisher, Helen. 1992. Anatomy of Love:  A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray.  New York, NY: Ballantine Books.)
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